Andrew Kishore Whois

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Andrew Kishore Whois

Andrew Kishore Whois


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  • Parents

    Khitish Chandra Baroi

    Minu Baroi

    Osru Diye Lekha

  • Movies/Shows

    Nishwartha Bhalobasa (2013)
    Beder Meye Josna (1989)
    Hridoyer Kotha (2006)
    Matir Thikana (2011)
    Pran Sajani
    Shikhandi Kotha (2013)
    Satya Mithya
    Mayer Ashirbad

  • Albums

    Ontore Bahire Tumi

  • Bhalobeshe Oporadhi

  • Record labels

    Doyel products

  • Soundtek

  • Rupkotha Productions

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Andrew Kishore Profiles
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  • About

    Andrew Kishore is a Bangladeshi singer who is active in the music industry of the country since the 1980s. He has played back about 15,322 songs. Alongside Bangla film, he played back in Urdu and Hindi films.

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Andrew Kishore Whois

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