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Marriage means an outfit. Not only the bride and groom, but also the relatives and visitors, the whole house is decorated in various ways. Otherwise, the marriage does not freeze. There are various types of this equipment, it has undergone various transformations from generation to generation.

In this 21st century, the wind of change is blowing everywhere in cities and villages. But when you look at the family photo albums, the gray pictures of the wedding of different members of the family that remind you, say different things. Let’s talk in a little detail.

The two main characters of the wedding are the bride and groom. These two are the centerpiece of everything, including decoration. Now, from Gayehlud to the wedding day, the decoration of the bride and groom means parlor. At least call a trained beautician. But even 15 years ago, even in some areas of the village, in some areas, the bride and groom played a major role in the decoration of the house or the house next door ‘Sarvakarmapatiyasi’ an apa or bhabi. In this coronal marriage, their value seems to have started to increase again.

On the day before the wedding, henna will be applied on the hands overnight. In the midst of the hustle and bustle all night long, it will be the turn of putting henna on the hands and putting on the soles of the feet — these are the unadulterated stories of our marriage. Yes.

Whether it was the henna on the hands or the bride’s hair, whether it was to make the eyebrows a little more attractive or to show a light pink tinge on the cheeks, Apa or Bhabi used to do it with all her skillful hands. Living with a young woman of a young age interested in becoming proficient in decoration.

A 1937 wedding photo. As seen in the background of this picture, paper chains, shola flowers and mango leaf decorations. Groom Satyendranath Lahiri, bride Parul Lahiri. Village: Elenga, Post: Panjarbhanga, (then Naogaon subdivision), District: Rajshahi. At present it belongs to Naogaon district.
A 1937 wedding photo. As seen in the background of this picture, paper chains, shola flowers and mango leaf decorations. Groom Satyendranath Lahiri, bride Parul Lahiri. Village: Elenga, Post: Panjarbhanga, (then Naogaon subdivision), District: Rajshahi. At present it belongs to Naogaon district. The picture was sent by Jannatul Ferdous
Elderly women of the house are the ‘last word’ when it comes to choosing the bride’s dress and ornaments. Everything was bought and sorted by choice and the responsibility of arranging it was handed over to that bhabi or upper hand. He would slowly decorate the bride who was about to enter a new phase of life by covering her with clothes.

A woman of the house was also called in the groom’s outfit. However, due to the prevalence and variety of women’s decorations than men’s, groom’s decorations were not as important as they are now. Light decorations, maybe sandalwood drops on the forehead, half-fashioned haircuts, matching clothes were usually the groom’s ‘wedding decorations’.

No matter how mediocre the bride and groom may be, the wedding will not be complete just because of their decoration. The whole house was a matter of different decor.

The house was made clean and tidy. If it was a pucca house, a new width would have been painted. Sometimes white pooch used to fall at the base of old ancient trees. New alpana was read at home. Usually the women of the house used to do those alpana. With the bride and groom, the whole house looks like a new one. The matter of home decoration was completed on the wedding day.

The responsibility of decorating the house fell on the teenagers. Innumerable colored paper chains cut by raw hands in exuberance and turmoil, paper cut in different designs, colored flags tied on ropes, marigold flower arrangements arranged in layers, cedar or ampatha hanging on thin ropes, decorative Bengali wedding decorations.

He will get married but he will not have a gateway, the Bengalis never let that happen. Although not seen in the city, it is a very important wedding gate in the rural environment. The high gate of the wedding made of colorful cloth in bamboo structure is visible from a distance. Seeing the beautiful gate, it is understood that someone is getting married in this village.

Colorful sari was the main thing to decorate the wedding gate. In villages where there was no electricity at one time, the gates were illuminated with dynamos or generators. The responsibility of decorating the wedding gate has gone from the hands of the youth of the village to the hands of the decorator traders. According to the demand and budget, they are the ones who now make the lion’s door of half-fashioned wedding.

Let’s end with the decoration of the living room. There was a small defect in Behula’s living room. But Bengalis do not want to have any flaws in their home decoration. Flowers and showers have been enhancing the decoration of Bengali homes since time immemorial. Marigolds hanging from the ceiling or colorful lace, rose petals scattered on the bed covered with new sheets — the scene is the same in the past – now almost the same, but never old.

At the beginning of the new life, the fragrant flower house decorated is a strange metaphor of life.


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