Mobile phone and router triangle love story

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Another dashing Mr. iOS offers to befriend Miss Router. Responding to the offer of friendship, Miss Router gave her heartfelt password to Mr. iOS. Seeing the lover’s friend, Mr. Android became jealous. He is deeply proud of the router. Temporary distances are created between them.

Mobile phone and router triangle love story
Miss Router and Mr. Android do not break anyone’s pride. Their distance increases further. Mr. iOS comes forward to comfort the friend router. As a result, their bond is stronger than before.

Mobile phone and router triangle love story
The relationship between Mr. Android and Miss Router is very weak. They move farther away from each other. Meanwhile, Mr. iOS crossed the ‘Friendzone’ area and moved closer to the router.

Mobile phone and router triangle love story
Mr. iOS and Miss Router change the relationship status. On the other hand, with a broken heart, Mr. Android sees Miss Router from a distance, sheds tears of sorrow and thinks, one day Miss Router will surely realize his mistake and leave Mr. iOS and come back to him, will surely come …


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