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The so-called social media facebook already does tremendous harms to the human society. It”s future(encrypted messaging) will also be tremendously harmful to human society and future generation. Everybody, EveryCommunity, EveryNation and EveryCountry(except China as facebook wasnt able to do any harm to China) should file a case right today against facebook. How a mass media ran it’s uncensored-no control , quietly unethical algorithm(content) for long and still running ! For a startup first few years are omittable(as developing and adopting algorithm take such time naturally) but not 7 to 10 years. In fact, facebook was always very crappy in it’s algorithm & censorship. It’s all experiment , features, products(Libra, etc) goes against public interests.

economic aspect:

facebook is sucking blood of common people through it’s blood-sucking ad model while google, youtube donating blood to the common people from their beginning with their less profit(in comparison with facebook) oriented ad model.

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