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 You can change your location by looking for another place or by dragging a pin on the map. Without internet connectivity it’s impossible to assign a place.

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 Photoshop allows you add metadata

 Drop an image into Photoshop

 Click on File in the top navigation, then choose “File Info” from drop-down menu.

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 You can add information to any or all fields. Include information in any or all fields, i.e. title, author information, description and copyright information

 Keep your work!

 To ensure that your metadata is saved, do not choose “Save for Web” as this will remove all metadata on the image in order to save it at the lowest file size

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 Archiving your digital intellectual property is a vital part of preserving your artistic legacy and adds an additional layer of security to your data once its

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 published online. Metadata will be around for a while. However, as professionals at academic and museum galleries can attest, it may just last forever. Make sure

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 The person you will be in the future is going to be thankful that your metadata has been kept current and complete.

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